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Founded in 2021, Red Rose Animal Rescue is a registered Animal Rescue Service run by a Mother son duo team, we give animals a voice that do not have a voice. Our team and volunteers work tirelessly to save lives and promote animal welfare.

From domesticated cats, to kittens, to puppies, to dogs, we advocate for the most vulnerable animal populations. We believe that each and every life is precious, deserving to be treated humanely with a chance to live happily and cruelty-free.

What We Do

Every year hundreds of animals such as dogs, cats become homeless for many reasons. Our mission is to find the homeless animals around the country and give them a better life. As like humans, they need love, care and also need home. We founded our organization to give them a chance for a loving home and family. Our successes are going forward and every year we give a better life to hundreds of homeless animals.

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You are the only hope of thousands of homeless cats, dogs, and other pets. Please consider making a donation today to help us save more lives!

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