Memorials and Honorariums

Tribute & Memorial Gifts

Making a gift in tribute of a person, animal or special occasion is a wonderful way to show you care about your loved ones and the animals at the Animal Shelter.

Give in Person or Via Mail
The easiest way to make a tribute donation is to give a gift in person or via mail. It guarantees we will receive your donation as soon as possible and will use it to save more animal lives.
Make a Donation Online
Online donation is also a great way to support us and our animals. All you have is to fill in the form on our website and point out that you want it to be accepted as a memorial gift.
Support Animal Shelter
There is a variety of ways to support Animal Shelter and its residents. Feel free to contact us to find out more about donation methods and your impact on lives of homeless animals.

your donation through a corporate match

Making a donation through a corporate match is a good way to support us and help thousands of homeless pets we save annually.

make a corporate donation